Standing upright, extend your arms over your head then bring them down, inhaling as you extend, exhaling as you bring them down. On the third extension, bring your hands all the way down to the ground. Move to downward dog position. Keep your back straight and inhale and exhale. Lift your right leg then bring it forward next to your right hand. Raise your arms above your head, bringing you to Warrior I position.

Hold for 10 seconds. Turn and open your arms straight out by your sides, into Warrior II position. Hold for another 10 seconds. Go into Reverse Warrior by raising your right arm overhead and letting your left arm fall down by your side. Inhale and exhale. Go back to Warrior II, then back into Warrior I. Bring your hands to the ground on either side of your leg. Bring your other foot forward so your feet stand beside one another. Stand up slowly. Repeat entire sequence using your left side.

Go back to downward dog. Bring your knees to the ground. Practice cat stretch by alternating between arching your back with your head tucked down between your arms and extending your back with your head up. Go to baby’s pose by sitting back on your knees, resting your forehead on the ground, and stretching your arms forward.

—Submitted by Shuai W., University of California, Irvine