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Monday, January 20, 2020
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hands clenching stomach

Ask the doc: “When should I be concerned about stomach pain?”

A doctor discusses common stomach problems and what to do about them.
Female drinking coffee

Ask the doc: What can students do to stay healthy while under stress?

—Jamie K.*, Ashford University (online) (*Name changed)I spent a winter break working at Okemo Mountain as a lift operator. I was staying on a hill across the valley from the mountain and had a...
Girl asleep with beer mug

Ask the doc: Can drinking alcohol impair my ability to learn?

—Jayden*, Portland State University, OregonYes, in ways both large and small. Are there students who drink from time to time and still manage to get good value out of their investment in higher education?...
Concerned guy sitting with doctor

Ask the doc: How can I get over my fear of the doctor?

—Gordon N.*, Northern Illinois University(*Name changed)Kudos to you for acknowledging that there’s an issue here: your avoidance of seeing health care providers and perhaps getting tested for a health condition. It’s not uncommon for...
Concerned guy sitting with doctor

Ask the doc: “How often should I go for check-ups?”

—Addison P.*, New Jersey Institute of Technology(*Name changed)It’s generally recommended that people 18–25 years old get in touch with a healthcare professional once every year or two. A physical is also known as a...
Top view of a bottle of pills

Ask the doc: What’s the difference between ibuprofen and aspirin and when should I...

—Alyssa O., California State University, San BernardinoHere’s what I generally recommend to students: Go to school with ibuprofen (instead of aspirin) Keep a supply of acetaminophen too (Paracetamol and Tylenol are common brands)To see...

Ask the doc: Is it possible to get too much sleep?

“Is it possible to get too much sleep?”—Ana H., Towson University, MarylandNot exactly. But are there circumstances in which the amount of sleep someone is requiring would be concerning? Yes.It’s common to meet with...

Ask the doc: Why do I always feel tired?

“I make sure to get enough sleep, but I still always feel tired. Why could this be?”—Ariel B., Red Rocks Community College, ColoradoThis is a very common dilemma. It can be helpful to determine...
Sick dog surrounded by medication

Ask the doc: “I get sick often. What are the signs that I should...

Not sure if your sickness requires a doctor's visit? Here's how to tell.